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Lucy Bell Fine Art
46 Norman Road
St Leonards on Sea
East Sussex
TN38 0EJ

Opening hours


11am- 4pm
11am – 4pm
11am – 5pm

Gallery hire

The gallery is available for hire on a weekly  bases to suitable exhibitors, starting at £900 per week, plus
35% of sales.

About the gallery

Lucy Bell founded  The Independent Photographers Gallery in Battle from 2001, and in 2009 moved, to “the Portobello of the South” Normans Road, in St Leonards on Sea

Lucy Bell Gallery’s ethos is to promote fine art photography in the region whilst maintaining international and national connections. Working with with both industry professionals, amateurs and university students the gallery will exhibit not only those who have established their careers but new and groundbreaking talent.

The gallery sells prints from all previous exhibitions and can source work/prints by other photographers to order.

Exhibitions include: 

  • Days of Rock - Syd Shelton, Kevin Cummins, Geoff MacCormack, Colin Jones, Andrew Catlin, Andrew Whittuck
  • Friends of Derek - Steve Pyke, Derek Brown, Andrew Catlin, Ed Sykes, Liam Daniel
  • David Bowie - Geoff MacCormack
  • Colin Jones- The George Orwell of Photography
  • A Journey Home - Tom Hunter
  • Kevin Cummins - So It Goes
  • Dust to Dawn - Philip Volkers
  • Terry Smith - Bitz and Pieces
  • Marilyn Stafford - Stories in Pictures 1950-1960
  • Graham Keen - 1966 And All That
  • Ken Russell -Photographer/ Filmaker
  • Michael Putland - Off The Record
  • Martyn Colbeck — Elephants of Amboseli
  • Brian Duffy - The Third Man
  • Tim Flach — Dogs Gods
  • Steven Berkoff — East End Photographs
  • Maslen & Mehra — Mirrored
  • Colin Jones — The Who 1966 
  • Robin Bell - Silver Footprint
  • Wolfgang Suschitzky - Animal Portraits 
  • Through the Eyes of Lee Miller — Lee Miller