“I Wanna Be Me”

In Association with Rockarchive

5th January - 4th February 2023 – Book signing 29th January 2-4pm with Kevin Cummins and Syd Shelton

Celebrating music’s greatest punks, rebels and renegades.

Prints available to order

Smashing onto the cultural scene in the mid-1970s, punk was a period of music history that excited and challenged like no other. Angry, loud, and anarchic, it was the voice of the disillusioned youth that changed not only music, but fashion, culture and society forever.

Rockarchive is proud to present in collaboration with the Lucy Bell Gallery I Wanna Be Me an exhibition that celebrates the unique spirit of punk and it’s enduring legacy.  The exhibition features a unique collection of iconic and rare photographs of key musicians that pioneered the punk revolution and some of those most inspired by it.

The exhibition includes images of The Clash, Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, Undertones & The Slits, plus punk influenced artists such as The Cramps, The Jam, Debbie Harry and Joy Division. Specially curated by Rockarchive for the exhibition, the photographs capture punk’s irrepressible attitude and spirit.

Highlights from the exhibition include Sheila Rock’s classic photograph of The Clash taken in Camden in 1977, the Sex Pistols performing onstage at the legendary 100 Club in 1976 by Ray Stevenson and Kevin Cummins’ enduring shot of the Buzzcocks playing Liverpool University in 1979.

The exhibition is led by a large collection of prints by renowned music photographer Jill Furmanovsky, many of which are brand new print editions and also includes work by Michael Putland, Ray Stevenson, Howard Barlow, Richard Mann, Jorgen Angel, Gerard McNamara, Mick Gold, Syd Shelton, Kevin Cummins, Richard Heslop, Max Browne and graphic art by The Postman.

Signed books Kevin Cummins Joy Division /Juvenes

Kevin Cummins – The Fall Telling Stories – Signed Book

Syd Shelton – Rock Against Racism – Signed Book

Kevin Cummins – So It Goes

Syd Shelton – The Specials 1981

Jill Furmanovsky – Poly Styrene holding flower, Fulham 1978

Ray Stevenson – Sex Pistols – Carnaby Street London 1976

Jill Furmanovsky – Joy Division – Contact Sheet, YMCA London, 1979

Michael Putland – The Clash – New York 1978

Syd Shelton – Mick Jones and Paul Simonon Wearing Customised Vivien Westwood 1977

Sheila Rock – John Lydon, Shepherds Bush 1980

Sheila Rock – The Clash – Chalk Farm -1977

The Postman Collective – David Bowie 1985

Jill Furmanovsky – The Cortinas – London 1977

Sheila Rock – Debbie Harry, Holland Park London, 1977

Jill Furmanovsky – The Buzzcocks – Manchester Library 1977

Michael Putland -Blondie, Viv Albertine, Siouxsie, Chrissy Hynde, Poly Styrene and Pauline Black, London August 1980

Jill Furmanovsky – Soo Catwoman – London 1976

Michael Putland – Siouxsie Sioux, London 1980

Jill Furmanovsky – Devo – Hyde Park 1980

Allan Ballard – Billy Idol- With Flash – Late 1970s

Jill Furmanovsky – Paul Weller, Rainbow Theatre, London 1979

Gerard McNamara – Adam and The Ants – Lyceum 1980

Richard Mann – Sid and Nancy – Joe Allen’s, Exeter Street – London 1978

Jill Furmanovsky – The Cramps – 1981

Syd Shelton – The Clash, RAR, Victoria Park, 1978

Sheila Rock – Siouxsie Sioux – London, 1982

Syd Shelton – Rock Against Racism, Militant Entertainment Tour, Cambridge 1979

Mark Browne – Elvis Costello, London 1978

Jill Furmanovsky – Sham 69, Rainbow Theatre 1977

Jill Furmanovsky – The Stranglers, Iceland 1978

Phil Grey – Blondie, The Roundhouse, London 1978

Jill Furmanvosky – Mark Perry – Alternative TV, London 1977

Jill Furmanvosky – David Byrne, Talking Heads, Scotland 1979

Jill Furmanovsky – The Slits – Camden 1977

Jorgen Angel – John Lydon, Sex Pistols 1977

Jill Furmanovsky – Poly Styrene, X-Ray Specs, London 1978

Howard Barlow – Ramones, Manchester 1977

Lex Van Rossen – The Clash – Paradiso, Amsterdam 1978

Syd Shelton – Malcolm Owen, Ruts Lead singer. Rock Against Racism Militant Entertainment Tour, 1979

Syd Shelton – John Segs Jennings – The Ruts RAR Tour, 1979

Syd Shelton – Rock Against Racism Militant Entertainment Tour 1979 (2)

Syd Shelton – Paul Simonon at The Rainbow, 1979

Syd Shelton – Sham 69, Central London Polytechnic September 1978.

Syd Shelton – Die at 42

Syd Shelton – Specials fans, RAR Carnival Against Nazis, Leeds 1981

Kevin Cummins – Joy Division, Cathedral Yard, Manchester 1979

Kevin Cummins – Sex Pistols, Ivanhoe’s Huddersfield, Christmas Day 1977

Kevin Cummins – Pete Shelley, Buzzcocks

Steve Double – Jarvis Cocker – Pulp – 1995

Steve Double – Iggy Pop – Sunset Boulevard – 1988

Syd Shelton – Skinheads Petticoat Lane East London 1979.

Syd Shelton – Mick Jones, The Rainbow, 1979

Syd Shelton – Fans Sheffield 1979

Syd Shelton – The Undertones, 1981

Syd Shelton – X-Ray Spex/ Rock Against Racism Anti Nazi League Carnival, 1978

Bruce Rae – Rick Wakeman “The Six Wives of Henry Viii” London 1972 (Outtake)

Tim Marrs – Johnny Marr