20th November 2021 – 23rd January 2022

It’s that time of year again and to celebrate, the gallery is hosting an exhibition of some of the most iconic images the photographic world has ever known!

This winter we are proud to be showing a seletion of:

Kevin Cummins’ seminal photographs of Joy Division

Syd Shelton’s skinhead portraits from his Rock Against Racism Archive,

Ken Russell’s 1950s Teddy Girls

Steven Berkoff’s moviing documentary images of a disappearing world in 1970s East End,

Jill Furmanovsky’s outstanding rock photographs,

Geoff MacCormack’s intimate captures of David Bowie during their travels together as friends

Ernst Haas’s legendary black and white photographs.

Timed to coincide with the launch of our new website.

We will be celebrating our 14th year in St Leonards-on-Sea. So thankyou to all the photographers and artists who have contributed over the years, as well as the archives; Getty Images, Iconic Images,Topfoto, RockArchive, and The Lee Miller Archive. Thank you to our printers Robin Bell, Spectrum, Martel Colour Print, our framer, Project 78, and to everyone who values and supports the gallery.


Geoff MacCormack – David Bowie on Set with Pistol (MAC 054)

Geoff MacCormack – David Bowie on the Set of The Man Who Fell to Earth, 1975 (MAC 053)

Geoff MacCormack – David Bowie on Set Bedroom Scene 1975 (MAC 056)

Geoff MacCormack – David Bowie, Chicago 1973 (MAC 057)

Syd Shelton – Skinheads Petticoat Lane East London 1979.

Ray Stevenson/Rockarchive – Jimi Hendrix Olympia 1967

Terry Pastor x Mick Rock Collaboration – David Bowie 1972

Terry Pastor – David Bowie and Humming Birds

Michael Putland – Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, New York, 1978

Terry Pastor – David Bowie – Oh!You Pretty Things! 1972 from Hunky Dorey Photo Session

Jill Furmanovsky – Bjork, London 1995

Jill Furmanovsky – Noel Gallagher of Oasis, NEC, Birmingham 1996

Jill Furmanovsky – Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones, Halcyon Hotel, London 1991

Jill Furmanovksy – Jarvis Cocker of Pulp Glastonbury Festival 2011

Kevin Cummins – The Drones, 1977

Kevin Cummins – The Fall Manchester, 1978

Kevin Cummins – Buzzcocks, 1977 Kitchen Queen Showroom Manchester

Kevin Cummins – Poly Styrene Manchester, 1978

Kevin Cummins – Joy Division, Cathedral Yard, Manchester 1979

Sheila Rock – Debbie Harry, Holland Park London, 1977

Phil Grey – Blondie, The Roundhouse, London 1978

Peter Hince – Freddie Mercury of Queen in Crown And Robes, 1987

Ian Dickson – David Bowie – Newcastle City Hall, 1973

David Corio – Bob Marley – Crystal Palace Bowl, 1980

Steven Berkoff – Kids Brick Lane – 1970s

Steven Berkoff – Mrs Jack Waller

Steven Berkoff- The Last Poulterer – East End Photographs

Bruce Fleming – Jimi Hendrix, Studio Portrait, London 1967

Richard Ansett – Grayson Perry “Birth” 2018

Richard Ansett – Grayson Perry “Death”

Don Hunstein/ Rockarchive – Bob Dylan, Columbia Recording Studio, New York 1963

Ernst Haas – Windmill Greece, 1952

Ernst Haas – Albert Einstein – Princetown, NJ 1951 ii

Ernst Haas – White Sands, New Mexico 1952

Ernst Haas – Utah 1952

Kevin Cummins – Stone Roses Shoot Reni’s Hat Manchester 1989

Kevin Cummins – Stone Roses and Paint (Blue) Manchester 1989

Kevin Cummins – Stone Roses and Paint , Manchester 1989

Jill Furmanovsky – Amy Winehouse, Union Chapel, London 2006