So It Goes

Kevin Cummins

Sat Nov 24 2018 – Wed Jan 30 2019

“I went to the Sex Pistols last UK gig at Ivanhoe’s in Huddersfield 1977, on Christmas Day. My parents refused to speak to me for a week because I went to the gig and missed my Christmas dinner. I was 23.”

Kevin Cummins ‍So It Goes: Punk and the Aftermath is a new limited edition book by award winning photographer Kevin Cummins, documenting 1970s Punk and youth culture…the bands and their fans.

Cummins has opened up his archive to present more than 150 rare and unseen images from this seminal moment in cultural history. From the Sex Pistols to Buzzcocks, The Clash, The Fall and Joy Division, Cummins was more often than not at the front of the stage capturing these live performances that summarized the moment, epitomising the feel; how it looked to be there, whether in the front row or on the bleak streets of Thatcher’s Britain.‍

Lucy Bell Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of 37 of these images and will host a book signing with Kevin Cummins on 9th December from 2-4pm.

Before punk, there was just nothing.Manchester was a bleak, dour place with no real music scene, no bands, no gigsand hardly any venues. Growing up in Wythenshawe all I wanted to do was be in aband; I had no plan B, I was never going to be anything else I just need to escape and for me, that escape was through music.” Billy Duffy, The Cult

“In 1976 the impossible seemed to be out ofreach. The country had endured power cuts, a three-day week, and several years of political instability. “No Future” was the slogan that Malcolm McLaren was savvy enough to adopt as the mantra for disillusioned youth and particularly for his new plaything, a pop group called the Sex Pistols.” Pete Shelley, Buzzcocks‍

Signed 10 x 8″ signed digital prints Edition of 50 £295‍

Book Kevin Cummins – So It Goes: Punk and the Aftermath

Forward by Pete Shelley and introductory chapter by Billy Duffy

Special Edition: Limited to 300 copies Copies 1 to 10With signed, limited edition Gelatin Silver archival hand printed darkroom print of Ian Curtis £1000

Deluxe Edition Copies 11 to 300 With signed, limited edition C-type matt print of the Sex Pistols last UK gig, at Ivanhoe’s, Huddersfield Christmas Day 1977 (as above)£295Hardback,with slipcase280mm x280mm (11” x 11”) Signed limited edition print – 254mm x 203mm (10” x 8”)

196 pages, with over 150 photographs – mainly unseen or rarely seen‍‍StandardEdition £50 (Hardback, no slipcase or print)

Manchester born Kevin Cummins has reputation as one of the world’s leading photographers. His iconic portraits of musicians include Joy Division,Liza Minnelli, Nick Cave, Patti Smith, Philip Glass, Oasis, and David Bowie.These images have appeared on magazine covers, in art galleries, featured in international films, and are included in the collections of The National Portrait Gallery and The V&A amongst others.

Cummins captured key moments in the Manchester music scene and these images helped to define the cultural history of the city. They not only portrayed people and places but created a new way of looking at Manchester and remain embedded in the cultural memory of the north. Bedroom walls all over the world have been, and are, decorated with his work. ‍