Richard Ansett

9th October 2023 – 21st October 2023

Book Signing with Richard Ansett 21st October 5.30-7pm. Signed copies are £40

Join us for an early opportunity to buy an advanced copy of Richard Ansett’s new book MUSE. A Portrait of Grayson Perry. The book reveals the unique relationship between Grayson Perry and renowned portrait photographer Richard Ansett through his most iconic images and many previously unseen images from an archive spanning 10 years from when they met at Tate Modern in 2013.

Ansett astutely captures the wit, style and irreverence of Perry’s many complex personas. Beyond the snazzy outfits and cheeky poses, these thematic portrait collections offer wry social commentaries on current and popular phenomena, including the EU referendum, American pop culture and even the existential questions of life and death. At once glossy, fabulous and cutting-edge, Muse: A Portrait of Grayson Perry offers a complex, fascinating and ultimately affectionate insight into our recently knighted national treasure with anecdotes and narration from Ansett himself. This is a masterpiece of rhetorical observations and quick-thinking camerawork. Perfect for art geeks, style freaks and Perry’s long-devoted following.

Richard, a great friend of Lucy Bell Gallery, will be signing copies of the book (£40) and we will be showing some of his classic images and some new work too.

“Wow! Just wow!  A love letter that is itself a work of art. Both playful and deadly serious, this work captures Ansett’s relationship with the man and his relationship to the world. Ansett’s work is mind blowing but not cosy at all. Just brilliant photography.” – Suzanne Moore, Journalist

“Outrageously fun and deliciously over-the-top, this book provides a fascinating peek behind the proverbial petticoats of one of Britain’s best-loved artists, Sir Grayson Perry.” – Janet Hardie  Senior Specialist, Modern British and Irish Art, Bonhams 

“Wow..Through his engaging portraits and text, photographer Richard Ansett has provided a visually exciting and thoughtful insight into one of Britain’s national treasures and on society itself” Dr Michael Pritchard, The Royal Photographic Society

“As the subject I look at these photographs with joy in that they are funny and delightful and horror in knowing that I am that raddled old trannie. They are both ridiculous fantasy and crumpled reality.” – Sir Grayson Perry CBE

“Its like Art..” Sir Grayson Perry CBE

“Great to see Grayson in his various guises. He must have more women’s clothes than the average woman!” – Martin Parr CBE

“This punch packed book is as much about the inspiration of and exacting depictions by Richard Ansett as it is about the guises of Grayson Perry. In spite of Perry’s extravagantly costumed veneer there is empathy and commentary in this portrayal – through Richard Ansett, we get to Grayson Perry and beyond! – Clare Freestone, Curator of Photographs, National Portrait Gallery

“Grayson is incredibly difficult to work with and complete DIVA.” – Richard Ansett