Rock N’ Roll With Me

2nd January - 3rd March 2024 –

Rock’n’Roll With Me
New exhibition at the Lucy Bell Gallery

The latest music photography exhibition at the Lucy Bell Gallery in early 2024  the gallery with be showcasing a vibrant collection of classic Rock’N’Roll images from renowned music photographers which including stunning shots from the likes of Jill Furmanovsky, Bob Gruen, Terry O’Neill, Andrew Catlin, Brian Aris, Kevin Cummins, Brian Duffy, Sheila Rock, and Barrie Wentzell. The exhibition features classic moments from the careers of many music greats as well as rare and previously unseen images of some of rock’s biggest bands. Be it on stage, in the recording studio, blatantly posing or candidly revealed, the exhibition takes us back on a fascinating journey through Rock’N’Roll history.

Highlights from the exhibition include Barrie Wentzell’s classic photograph of Jimi Hendrix taken at the Woburn Music Festival in 1968, a stunning portrait of Sinead O’Connor shot by Jill Furmanovsky in 1994 and Syd Barrett captured at Abbey Road Studios by Andrew Whittuck in 1967. The exhibition also features images of Pink Floyd, The Clash, Oasis, Amy Winehouse, Queen, Dave Grohl, Debbie Harry to name but a few. and the Lucy Bell Gallery have been partners for nearly 6 years, celebrating together the very best in music photography. This exhibition will be just as popular as previous collaborations, appealing to music lovers of all ages.

The Rock’n’Roll  With Me exhibition runs at the Lucy Bell Gallery in St Leonards-on-Sea between 23rd November and 10th March 2024 Perfect for a holiday visit with your friends and family.

All prints are for sale prices start at £240



Terry O’Neill – Elton John Dodger Stadium, 1975

Michael Putland – Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, New York, 1978

Brian Aris – Debbie Harry with Warhol and Whip, New York 1988 (2)

Colin Prime – Pink Floyd – Kennington Park, 1967

Jill Furmanovsky – Joy Division – Contact Sheet, YMCA London, 1979

Sheila Rock – Siouxsie Sioux – London, 1982

Jill Furmanovsky – Liam Gallagher – Corn Exchange 1994

Jill Furmanovsky – Paul Weller, Rainbow Theatre, London 1979

Bob Gruen – Chuck Berry – Maddison Square Gardens, 1971

Lex Van Rossen – Bruce Springsteen – Netherlands, 1981

Jill Furmanovsky – Björk – Primrose Hill, London 1995

Jill Furmanovsky – Oasis, Detroit 1995 Contact Sheet.

David Hindley – Lenny Kravitz – Brixton Academy, London 1990

Mark Mawston – Amy Winehouse V Festival, Hylands Park, 2008

Mark Mawston – Dave Grohl – Foo Fighters, V Festival 2007

Brian Aris – Kate Bush 1980

Sheila Rock – Debbie Harry – Islington, London 1977

Jill Furmanovsky – Sinead O’Connor

Steve Rapport – Kate Bush, Abbey Road Studios, London 1985

Jill Furmanovsky – Dave Gilmour – Pink Floyd – Abbey Road Studios, 1975

Don Hunstein – Bob Dylan – New York 1963

Lex Van Rossen – Leonard Cohen – Amsterdam -1988

Steve Rapport – David Bowie, 1985

Jorgen Angel – Marc Bolan – Copenhagen, 1973

Fernando Aceves – David Bowie with Mask – Frida Kahlo’s House 1997

Bob Gruen – John Lennon – New York City, USA 1974

Jill Furmanovsky – Cream, Bray Studios, 2005

Steve Double – Nick Cave, Saõ Paolo, Brazil, 1994

Sheila Rock – The Clash – Camden 1977

Jill Furmanovsky – Oasis, Wembley Stadium, 2000

Phil Nicholls – Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Hammersmith, London, 1988

Andrew Whittuck – Syd Barrett, Abbey Road Studios, London, 1967

Lex Van Rossen – Queen – Netherlands 1975

Jill Furmanovsky – Tom Waits, California 1999

Andrew Catlin – Nick Cave London 1990

Andrew Catlin – Patti Smith – New York 1988

Lex Van Rossen – Leonard Cohen 1988

Michael Putland – Mick Jagger – Performing with The Rolling Stones, Glasgow 1973

Brian Duffy – Aladdin Sane 50 Years – Limited Edition Book with 3 prints

Brian Aris – David Bowie London 1991

Brian Aris – Mick Jagger 1983

Brian Aris – The Jam Contact Sheet

Brian Aris – Madonna, Contact Sheet, London 1984

Brian Duffy – David Bowie, Aladdin Sane, Demi-Contact Sheet 1973

Brian Duffy – Aladdin Sane 1973 (2011 Remastered Negative)