Flip The Script

Tim Nathan

23rd September – 16th October 2021

In her famous love letter to the Cairngorms, ‘The Living Mountain’ Nan Shepherd describes moments in her relationship to the landscape when ‘something moves between me and it. Place and mind may interpenetrate until the nature of both are altered’. something has been altered here, and we are richer for it”

After a successful exhibition at Bermondsey Project Space in London, in partnership with The Good Governance Group, Tim Nathan brings his large format seascapes home to the town that gave him his inspiration.

Tim Nathan is a multi-disciplinarian Artist; a skilled bronze founder, film director, music video maker, photographer and designer. He studied in Hastings and Canterbury and has lectured in drawing for over ten years in Further Education. Whilst being hugely capable in a wide range of creative processes, he perpetually returns to his passion for horses and drawing. “drawing is a crucial element of making any work. It informs, it is a tool, it is language, it is a criterion for criticism. Through drawing you can come to terms with subject matter, and as the byproduct of that process sometimes make good work.”


All prints are signed and numbered in verso mounted and framed with UV Glass.

Framed 56 x 39.7 inches £1650.00 ed 15

Framed 40 x 28.35 inches £1105.00 ed 25

Framed 30 x 21.26 inches £585.00 ed 50


Unframed 56 x 39.7 inches      £1050.00

Unframed 40 x 28.35 inches    £780.00

Unframed 30 x 21.26 inches    £450.00


Framed 40 x 40 inches £1235.00 ed 15

Framed 30 x 30 inches £800.00 ed 25


Unframed 40 x 40 inches £650.00

Unframed 30 x 30 inches £460.00