Terry Smith

I first began taking photographs with my dads old bellow camera. It took 120 film. I still have the camera. I progressed into my own cheap cameras until I begged for a 35mm. I got a Praktica Camera, from East Germany which I still have. It was a SLR, single lens reflex. I was very interested at school in only two subjects photography and drama.

Although I hated science I loved the chemical alchemy that turned a blank piece of paper into an image. I studied the technique very carefully. By the time I was thirteen i was developing photographs in the bathroom at home. The large negatives of the 120 film were perfect for contact prints.

So photography has been one of the media that I use constantly. I love the mechanism of the camera and the developing process, I like doing things.

When digital cameras first came out I did not like them, but now I love them. I love that it is adaptable and you can push it too its limited and I specially like that the results are instant so you can see what you have done. My most recent camera is a Polaroid pogo camera that produces instant digital prints.