Andrew Catlin – Sinead O’Connor Contact Sheet, London 1988


The contact Sheet Print of Sinead O’Connor

1290mm x 980mm is in an edition of 20 / £2000

(price will increase to £3000 after this one sells)

Single portraits also available as

16 x 12″ *Edition 25

20 x 24″ Edition 15

1100 x 11oomm Edition 10

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The photographs were taken in natural light at the kitchen table of my flat in Maida Vale, with Sinéad facing the window and me sitting with my back to it,” Catlin recalls. “It was the first time we met, although it turned out that she had just moved into a flat a few floors above me. We chatted over a cup of tea and continued chatting throughout the shoot. There was minimal instruction from me.”

“She was utterly uninterested in posing or behaving like a pop star is meant to behave in front of the camera. She had this luminous presence that was not only to do with her beauty, but her character and her strength of will. That’s what I was hoping to capture.” When Catlin printed his four rolls of film on a huge sheet of contact paper, he realised that every shot was a gem. “It was extraordinary, because even though there are some outtakes, including some slightly blurry portraits, every single one had a real sense of who she was. In the context of an editorial photo shoot, it is exceptional for someone to be so natural, neither nervous nor self-conscious.”