Brian Aris – Band Aid Group Shot 1984


20 x 24”

Archival Digital Print


Edition 10/25



Also available as 16 x 12” (edition of 50) at £400, or 20″ x 16” (edition 25) at £660 or 30″ x 30″ (edition 25) at £1,800


When Bob Geldof asked me to shoot the official pictures for “Do they know it’s Christmas” I had no idea what to expect when I arrived at Sarm West studios in London on that Sunday morning in 1984.  He said he was putting together a “supergroup” to make a record to help the famine victims in Africa. A great cause but would everyone turn up. As we know now you don’t turn down Bob. So one by one the cream of British music turned up and Band Aid was born. What surprised me was that most of the artists had never met each other so putting them together for the group shot proved difficult because they simply wouldn’t concentrate on the camera as they were too busy chatting to each other. But we managed to quieten them and finally fired off a few frames that would become historic.