Brian Aris – David Bowie with Alexandria, New York



Edition 4/50

16 x 12″

Archival Digital Print


Also available as 20″ x 16″ (edition 25) at £660, or 20″ x 24″(edition 25) at £1,000, or 30″ x 30″ (edition 25) at £1,800


One of my personal favourites, is the picture of a very proud father with his newborn baby Alexandria, taken in David and Iman’s wonderful apartment in overlooking Central Park in New York, where I spent a day enjoying time with David the family man. When David Bowie and his wife Iman had their baby Alexandria I was invited to fly to New York and photograph the couple and their newly born baby at their apartment overlooking Central Park. We worked through the afternoon and finally as the day drew to a close I asked David to put Lexi on his chest and relax on the day bed by a window looking out on New York. The session ended that way.  Or so I thought. A short while later as we were packing up my lighting David came back into the room and gave me a print. Somehow he had managed to sneak a picture of me laughing at some point during the day and had gone into his office and produced a print which he had drawn over and signed as a memory of the day for me.  Of course that print is a prized possession and reminds me every time I see it of what a wonderful guy David was. He is another who is greatly missed and left us way too early.