Brian Aris – Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace, London 1996


16 x 12″

Archival Giclee print

Signed and Edition of 25



Also available at 16 x 20″ at £660, or 20″ x 24″, at £1,000, or 30″ x 30″ at £1,800


“I was booked to photograph Her Majesty the Queen for official portraits to celebrate her 70th birthday. The session took place at Buckingham Palace and it goes without saying that a certain amount of nerves came into play.  After all it’s not every day of the week you find yourself in a grand room at the Palace with an assistant and just Her Majesty.

Protocol doesn’t really allow small talk which was running through my mind as The Queen made herself comfortable in front of my camera which was set on a tripod. Without realising and in my nervousness I had been fooling with the tripod and unlocked it so when I let go of the camera it fell forward heading for her Majesty. Thankfully my young assistant Patrick blessed with quick reflexes and showing no sign of nerves caught it and handed it back saying”you shouldn’t be doing that Mr Aris” . At which point the Queen burst out laughing.

I suppose my years of photojournalism kicked in and somehow I managed to capture that moment and redeem myself.  Her majesty was extraordinary. A keen photographer she really did understand what was going on and within minutes would put you at ease. I was very lucky that I also had the privilege of taking the official golden wedding pictures with the Duke of Edinburgh along with other royal commissions but the one etched in my memory was the moment that produced her Majesty as I will always remember her. Laughing and enjoying the moment.”