Carinthia West – Pink Floyd – Battersea Power Station, London 1976


60 x 40″ Edition 20 Silver Gelatin Print £5,000

30 x 40″ Edition 20 Silver Gelatin Print £3,500

20 x 30″ Edition 20 Silver Gelatin Print  £2,500

20 x 24″ Edition 25  Silver Gelatin Print £1,500

20 x 16″ Edition 25 Silver Gelatin Print £1,100


In 1976, Pink Floyd hired the innovative Hipgnosis team Audrey Powell and Storm Thorgerson to shoot the “Animals” album cover at Battersea Power Station in London. The organised a giant blow-up pig, which was attached by ropes and supposed to float above the Power Station for 3 consecutive days, but unfortunately on the 2nd day, the pig slipped it’s moorings. Everyone watched with horrified fascination and a certain amount of trepidation, to put it mildly. The Floyd had hired an ex-police marksman to shoot it down, in such circumstances but he hadn’t show up that day. Jumbo jet pilots flying into London that morning, apparently told their passengers   “On the right you will see The Houses of Parliament and on the left……a flying pig”