Jill Furmanovsky – Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones, Halcyon Hotel, London 1991


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Contact sheet of Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones drummer, taken at the Halcyon Hotel in London in March 1991

Jill Furmanovsky recalls, “I was on a photo shoot for Q magazine when I took my prize-winning shot of Charlie Watts. It was only used by Q as a small image on the contents page. Feeling it was worthy of more, I entered it into the Observer’s Jane Bown Portrait award and won first prize in 1992. The prize money and acclaim were especially welcome that year because I was going through a very difficult time, financially and otherwise. Things were so bad I was considering giving up my studio and possibly my career, but the award and a hand-written letter of congratulations from Charlie Watts gave me the strength to carry on.”

Signed by Jill Furmanovsky