Mark Mawston – Amy Winehouse V Festival, Hylands Park, 2008



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Photographer Mark Mawston recalls, “At the time, the chances of this gig actually happening at all seemed very remote. The night before, we were told, Amy had arrived an hour and a half late for her slot in V’s sister venue at Western Park (not good news at a festival with strict slots times for all the various bands), staggered on stage, fell over, forgot her lyrics and crawled off stage in a torrent of boo’s and had the crowd finish the set for her. This day however there was a huge cheer from the crowd when it was announced, to many peoples surprise, that Amy would be arriving by helicopter and would perform at her allotted time. She had a better reaction to just turning up than many bands had to their entire set. The number of people jostling for a space made it all a little precarious but low and behold, the band started and she walked on stage looking like some Mexican Senorita, as fresh as the roses in her hair.”

“I have to say I’m shocked at how good she looks, as are most of the others and this amazement is compacted when she carries off her first three songs with consummate ease. The only tell-tale sign that she may be nervous is the way she constantly pulls at the hem of her dress, lifting it up to her thigh like a little girl who’s desperate for a pee. That and the way she frequently looks to her impressive backing signers for reassurance. I’d seen Amy perform in a tent at the same venue about 5 years previously and she’d blown me away but I really loved this performance as it was as unexpected as that original show for very different reasons. The first was surprise at just how good she was, the second was relief. When I compiled my favourite songs of the noughties, Back To Black headed my list of great songs from the decade.”